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I am Indica

The Indica Strain.

The Indica cannabis strain is reviewed to be more on the mellow side, being rather chilling and relaxing. Anti inflammatory in profile, altered to be safe and legal non-psychoactive THC level, only in traces at 0.2%.
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I am Sativa

The Sativa L strain.

The Sativa cannabis hemp strain tend to be more uplifting yet still balancing. It is easy on you at night yet energising during the day. Safe and legal non-pschycoactive THC level, only in traces at 0.2%
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I am Hybrid

The Hybrid Strain.

The Hybrid cannabis strain is unique. The best of both worlds – being the mix of the Sativa and Indica strain. Safe and legal non-psychoactive THC level, only in traces at 0.2%.
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CBD – short for Cannabidiol is one Cannabinoid from a  group of natural compounds found in cannabis. There are more than 113 cannabinoids (or terpenes) that we know of and CBD is one of them.

In simple terms, CBD is just one component of the cannabis just like the famous cannabinoid known for getting people high: THC.

A Full Spectrum CBD extract contains all the terpenes – yes, traces of the THC as well, but only at a non-psychoactive legal max 0.2% level. 

Obviously, you’re curious why CBD has become the most talked about cannabinoid out of the hundreds found in cannabis.

The reason is simple: it’s because CBD does not cause intoxicating effects, not even on a Full Spectrum level.

Researchers believe that CBD has the most potential health benefits out of all the cannabinoids, and all without messing with your mental state. That’s why Full Spectrum CBD has become the star of the cannabis industry.

Wait, what? CBD from Hemp as well as from Marijuana? So by now, You are wondering what is the difference. Is there any?  Well, humans have a long history with the cannabis plant. With both types, even with its seeds. Our story spans thousands of years. Over time, cannabis was bred for different uses.

Please see the categories below.

Whilst Full Spectrum hemp plants are naturally low in THC anyways, manufacturers must ensure that they do not contain more than 0.2% in the finished CBD products. 


The marijuana variety of cannabis is naturally high in THC and lower on CBD.

In its untouched full potential, it has been used for centuries due to its medicinal and recreational purposes. Today, as an altered cultivation, THC within these plants can be lowered to a legal 0.2% traces level to gain a different type of characteristic Full Spectrum CBD without the high effect.

The strain of this type of plant is called Indica.

The hemp variety of cannabis is naturally low in THC and has high CBD content as its primary cannabinoid.

Hemp is known as the naturally safe and legal cannabis plant with thousands of different uses.

The strain of this type of a plant is called Sativa.

Hemp seeds on the other hand contain no CBD.

Instead, they are pressed to make nutritious food products as it is rich in vitamins, its fiber is used for rope and clothing.

With the hemp plant growing out of the seed, the CBD found mostly in its flowering tops is what used for all the various nutraceutical products hitting the market today. The ones we sell too.

Some manufacturers even choose to completely remove all THC from their CBD product lines.

These types of ZERO THC CBD extracts called Isolates or Broad Spectrum CBD.

This is ideal for parts of the world which allow for zero THC, to make it water soluble or to create vape juices. That is where flavoured CBD can happen.

From the selection of under the tongue oils -or sprays- SeeBeeDeal only stock Full Spectrum CBD as we believe in raw, organic and untouched, unprocessed herbal remedies for the best result – just like Nature invented for us. 

What about CBD vs Drug Interactions?

There are certain drugs that interact with Cannabidiol.

These interactions typically involve drugs that are metabolized by CYP450 enzymes and could possibly interact with CBD.

It is a safety advise that anyone who considers using CBD should firstly consult with a Doctor or Medical Professional.


How much to take?

Determine your CBD dosage based on your body weight and ailment with
THIS easy to use, CBD dosage estimation calculator below.

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Who We Are

We were established in 2018. From the founder’s personal health concerns and the search for a resolution, quickly grown a passionate need for a quality supply of full spectrum CBD. Hence we have embarked on a mission to spread the word and provide only top quality CBD at an affordable and competative price.

UK CBD hemp sativa indica hybrid cannabis range oil balm vape by SeeBeeDeal UK

We are proud to stand out of the crowd and be a Manufacturer Insured and Quality assured retailer.

We believe that dealing with REPUTABLE BRITISH AND HIGHLY RANKED CBD manufacturers brings undisputed results from all kinds of walks of life. Whether it is a fit CBD or a helth focused one, the variety we sell is ne of the highest quality on the market to date.

UK CBD hemp sativa indica hybrid cannabis range oil balm vape by SeeBeeDeal UK

SeeBeeDeal UK is Giving Back to the Community.

We do what we do best, to do more.

SeeBeeDeal’s umbrella company Crystal UK  was established in April 2018 as a Community Interest Charitable Organisation with the purpose to assist the elderly community living in absolute poverty in the UK. 

Not many people know the statistics, that currently shows  a significant 16% of the elderly community living in absolute heat-or eat desparation and poverty in the UK today.

Crystaldurham UK CIC

Crystal UK aim to assist with financial hardships and mental wellbeing related concerns within the elderly community.

We engage via organising essential help and supports with entitlements and benefits that are readily available for any elderly in need- but they are not being used, often do not even know about it. 

SeeBeeDeal UK is set to trade and generate financial support for this cause, hence the majority of SeeBeeDeal UK’s profit goes towards establishing the mandatory financial background to run and support this highly essential service.

UK CBD hemp sativa indica hybrid cannabis range oil balm vape by SeeBeeDeal UK

SeeBeeDeal UK provides quality, full spectrum CBD hemp Sativa, Indica and Hybrid cannabis products as we believe in nature and the power of the herbal remedies.

We are a Community Interest retailer set to tackle a nobel cause.